What Is Estate Planning?

Many people think of estate planning as consisting of just a Will and who gets their assets.  Actually, it ought to include much more than just a Will.  A comprehensive estate plan involves planning for one’s incapacity through the use of a financial and medical power of attorney, planning that takes care of one’s minor children by designating guardians and conservator’s in one’s Will and planning for the transfer of one’s assets.  A Revocable Living Trust can also be very beneficial for most people to avoid probate, prevent the need for a conservatorship proceeding for themselves or their children, limit or eliminate estate taxes in their own estates as well as their heirs’ estates and provide asset protection to one’s heirs.  Accordingly, a Colorado Living Trust should be a part of most everyone’s Colorado estate planning.

With Coloradoetrust, every one of our estate plans includes the following documents:

  1. Colorado Will:
  2. Colorado General or Financial Power of Attorney;
  3. Colorado Medical Power of Attorney;
  4. Colorado Living Will;
  5. Burial Instructions; and
  6. Organ Donation Authorization.

We also offer two Colorado Revocable Living Trust packages that include each of these documents, plus a Revocable Living Trust.

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