Coloradoetrust and LegalZoom – A Comparison

Several questions have arisen regarding the difference between Coloradoetrust and LegalZoom.  The differences are significant!

  1. Coloradoetrust is part of Colorado Estate Planning & Settlement Law Firm, LLC, a Colorado estate planning law firm, not a forms company, and offers its services at a substantially reduced rate online. LegalZoom is a legal forms company out of California.
  2. Coloradoetrust estate plans are drafted by a licensed Colorado attorney who specifically applies Colorado law. From what we can tell, it appears LegalZoom estate plans are prepared online and are reviewed by non-attorneys.
  3. Coloradoetrust has an attorney, with over eight (8) years of experience in Colorado, who is available to speak or correspond with you if you have a question. LegalZoom does not.
  4. Colorado estate planning should not be approached as if it were a menu with various individual choices.  It should be thought of as a complete meal.  Your estate plan should address not only your assets, but your wishes regarding all possibilities.  Accordingly, each one of our estate plans include the following documents:

    a.    Colorado Will;
    b.    Colorado Financial Power of Attorney;
    c.    Colorado Medical Power of Attorney;
    d.    Colorado Living Will;
    e.    Organ Donation Authorization; and
    f.     Burial Instructions.

Each document plays an important role in taking care of you should you need any assistance in the future, as well as conveying your intent upon your passing.  By having a complete and comprehensive Colorado estate plan, your wishes are clearly stated, and thus, reduces the likelihood of you or your family going to Court.

Coloradoetrust also advocates using the benefits of a Colorado Living Trust.  Please visit our link of Colorado Living Trust to learn more about the benefits of this powerful document.

5.   Upon receipt of your estate plan, you are able to speak with the drafting attorney to address any question or concern you may have.

Coloradoetrust prides itself on having a state of the art estate plan, not just a “form,” and on delivering a compelling experience to you for the important task of giving you a secure feeling that your wishes and loved ones will be cared for if you are not around to do so.


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