The Colorado Safe Trust Package

The Safe Trust Package is our premium package and provides exceptional asset protection for one’s heirs and estate tax avoidance.  The Safe Trust enables a beneficiary to have control and beneficial ownership over the assets in the trust.  This arrangement is very similar to an heir having outright ownership, while limiting or eliminating estate taxes and protecting the assets from creditors.

  • Provides your heirs protection from lawsuits and creditors;
  • Protects your children’s and descendants’ inheritance in a divorce;
  • Does not allow phased outright distributions and the Trust will not terminate due to a beneficiary’s death or reaching a certain age  (This is vital for asset protection);
  • Assets will remain in trust for several generations (a dynasty trust) which can prevent any of your assets from being includable in your heirs’ estates;
  • For married couples, it provides marital estate tax planning;
  • Includes Special Needs Trust provisions in case your child is disabled and needs to qualify for  Medicaid benefits; and
  • Contains special language so the trust can hold retirement plan assets;

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