Colorado Guardianships and Colorado Conservatorships

In the February 21, 2010, Denver Post article “Who’s Protecting the Unprotected,” David Olinger reports truly sad but very real stories of what can happen when the courts cannot adequately oversee the affairs of an individual when a court has appointed a Guardian or Conservator to protect such person.  The Colorado courts appear to be grossly underfunded to handle these tasks. 

One of the reasons Coloradoetrust only offers a comprehensive Colorado estate planning package, that includes a Will, General (Financial) Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will and, depending on the package chosen, a Revocable Living Trust, is to avoid the necessity of relying on the courts to appoint somebody who it believes will take care of one’s important financial and medical needs when they are unable to do so for themselves.  Instead, through any of our Colorado estate planning packages, we enable people to designate through their Colorado Living Trust, Colorado Power of Attorney and Colorado Medical Power of Attorney who they believe will take care of them in their time of need, before such need ever arises. 

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