Colorado Estate Planning – More Than Just a Colorado Will

In the recent Denver Post article Who’s Protecting the Unprotected, David Olinger illustrates the importance of having a complete estate plan in place should one lose their mental capacity.  So many people think a Last Will and Testament is all they need.  While even a complete estate plan cannot prevent the possibility of abuse, it does give one the opportunity to designate people they know and trust, in advance, to make the important decisions for them should the need arise.  By having a Colorado Financial Power of Attorney and a Colorado Medical Power of Attorney in place, one can avoid the necessity and expense of a Conservatorship or Guardianship court proceeding.  Each of our Colorado estate planning packages covers one’s needs if they cannot make the financial and medical decisions while they are alive.  In addition, each package addresses how one’s assets are to be distributed upon their passing.  Please visit our link Estate Plans & Pricing to see which estate plan is best suited for your needs.


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